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Rental Package:

  • Support Chair
  • Table top/Bed Face Support
  • Custom Padded Bed Armrest
  • Mirror
  • Cotton Face Cushion Covers
  • Audio Book (novel)

Equipment will be delivered a day or two before your surgery date. Your rental package is for 8 days beginning on the date of your surgery. Starting on the 9th day, if you still need the equipment you will be charged the daily rate until you call us to tell us you are finished. Your equipment will then be picked up by our friendly technician.

Optional Items:
  • Additional Audio Book Rentals $5.00
  • Active Support Purchase $35.00

Our Active Support is a cushion to rest your chin on while your head is down. It is perfect to use anytime you are not in the support chair or tabletop/bed support. Resting your chin on the comfy terry cloth support helps to reduce neck strain and helps you to remember to keep your face down. It comes with an adjustable Velcro strap to hold it in place. The Active Support is great to use for riding in the car, walking around or sitting in your favorite chair.


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